Simple Tools for Active Facilitation and Training

Simple Tools for Active Training and Facilitation For years, the best trainers and facilitators have used index cards to increase participation. Generally, cards are used in two distinct ways: -to reinforce learning (in training) or -to brainstorm and cluster themes (in facilitation.) Let's explore how to use this fantastic, simple tool! Using Cards to Reinforce Learning: Three Activities In almost every workshop, I use a card activity in some form. These are wonderful ways to get participants ...
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July 2, 2015 Posted in: Business

Asian Business Strategy and Approaches Today compared to the

By Jason Armstrong, Ph.D. Sun Tzu’s •Art of War” is considered to provide the most profound lessons for leadership, and victory in East or the West. Today its principles are applied to business all over the world. This classic body of work came from life and death scenarios, which evolved from empire, trade and political struggles. Obviously today’s corporate world does not induce anywhere near as strong a mechanism for change, or success, as the consequences of failure in ...
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July 1, 2015 Posted in: Business

Green Clothing - Fashion like Never Before

Green clothing and green fashion is also known these days as organic clothing. Among all the other industries that are waking up to the need to contribute to a greener environment the clothing industry is also going green with green clothing. Gone are the days where fabric that was supposed to be shiny and with a flair were considered the most 'in' thing. Today what is helpful for the environment and something that does not harm nature is considered to be trendier than the harmful polyester ...
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June 30, 2015 Posted in: Business

Fashion in the form of Laptop Skins

We are all into different fashion styles. We all want to wear clothes that make a statement. We all want to be clad in something that expresses who we are and our persona. Most often than not, our personalities are depicted in what we wear.  So why should our laptops be any different? Our laptops or notebooks to some have crept their way into becoming a permanent need in our lives. Because we are with them almost every day, it should only be right that we give them the fashion sense that we ...
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June 29, 2015 Posted in: Business

Fashion Modeling Photography Service

Fashion photography is the profession of specializing in actors' headshots, fashion shoots, portrait and fashion shoots. Fashion photographers should always strive for photography of the highest level by using accurate lighting, setting the appropriate mood for model photo shooting and ensuring that the person being photographed is comfortable prior to taking the shots. Perfect photography is what differentiates failure and success. Whether indoors or outdoors, all Toronto photographers should ...
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June 28, 2015 Posted in: Relationships

The Secret To Making More Money In Your Online Business

Thousands and thousands of people are striving to make more money in their online businesses each day. If you are one of the thousands of people, have you ever played the game of monopoly? Have you ever been exposed to the hidden secret in the game that will help you earn more money in your business? Monopoly is a very simple game once you understand how to win. Most everyone who plays the game knows that to win, the formula is very basic. Buy green houses. Trade 4 green houses for a hotel. ...
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June 27, 2015 Posted in: Business

Ideas and ideologies.

While the inception of penicillin brought a bit of a stir, and the television warranted some focus, it is somewhat easier now to fashion an idea into something sustainable. Easier again is the ability to make an idea into a business without leaving the house. For this to happen, we must blame our current communications networks, or more specifically, the Internet. Tele commuting, as it is known, can never replace physical relocation. Nor is it likely that we will be able to download a pint of ...
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June 26, 2015 Posted in: Business

Project Management 101

Project management is a very important business concept because it is in place to ensure that projects are completed in a timely fashion as well as to the best of the company’s ability. Project Management is basically the discipline of making goals and reaching those goals. Usually, the entire scope of project management is taken care of by an individual project manager. Definition of a Project A project can be several things. Generally projects involve engineering or the construction of a ...
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June 25, 2015 Posted in: Business

Expert gardening tips for growing your own herbs

Growing your own herbs is easy once you know how, and can add colour and scent to your garden or windowsill all year round. Ceri Thomas, editor of Which? Gardening gives advice on stockists and suppliers, and all you need to grow three of the most popular herbs basil, coriander and rosemary. Supermarket herbs Many common kitchen herbs are now available from supermarkets as potted plants, but they can be tricky to keep going. However, the majority of these, such as basil, coriander and parsley, ...
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June 24, 2015 Posted in: Home and Family

Oasis in a Cash Flow Desert - Four Resources That Increase Small

For small business owners, an enthusiastic vision for smooth, steady growth can become nothing more than a mirage once company cash flow problems begin to heat up. Most will struggle with the timing of payment from clients or customers at some point, all while attempting to pay their own bills in a timely fashion. With all of the best laid plans for rapid flowing cash streams evaporating down to just a gurgle in the ditch, the potential risk of joining the ninety-percent of businesses that ...
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June 23, 2015 Posted in: Business
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